Remote Guarding

Remote Guarding is a great way to secure facilities and people efficiently and cost-effectively. Aegis Remote Guarding Services provides highly trained Command Center Operators, located in our secure Cincinnati Headquarters, equipped with the latest monitoring technology, video surveillance, and access control systems to provide around the clock security. Our Remote Guarding service is based on Six Security Principles, which allow us to provide unparalleled service and secure your peace of mind

remote guarding

Health Check

With Aegis Remote Guarding, not only do you have access to the latest technology, but you also have access to our Aegis Technicians. As a full-service Security Integrator, we will design, install and maintain your integrated Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Alarm systems. As part of our Remote Guarding Service, we actively monitor your system health so that we know so if a problem arises (camera fails, server crashes, network failure, etc) we know about it first and can resolve the issue before our customers are even aware there is a problem.

Virtual Patrol

Our video-based patrols provide additional support through increased surveillance of your facility’s critical areas. Patrols can be tailored to specific needs by inspecting and recording key details, making announcements as necessary, and escalating to the proper authority (Customer Contact, Aegis Security Staff, Law Enforcement, etc) when appropriate. Proactive inspection of your property in critical areas provides increased security, oversight, and compliance with company systems and procedures.

Preventative Surveillance

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Potential incidents are detected by artificial intelligence (video analytics) and analyzed by our Command Center Operators based on predefined custom security standards we create with you. If an incident is taking place or an alarm has been raised, our Operators investigate and follow established protocol to help prevent or minimize impact. Our clients experience peace of mind knowing their employees, facilities, and businesses are secure thanks to Aegis Remote Guarding.

Virtual Escort

Have an employee that wants someone to follow them to our car? Aegis Virtual Escort is the perfect solution. Our Command Center Operators monitor video surveillance feeds and access control points to “escort” your people wherever they need to go or through whatever situation they are dealing with.

Virtual Concierge

With our Digital Concierge, we are here 24/7 to assist with tasks like granting access to entry and exit gates, answering questions, and solving problems.

Remote Investigations

You find out an incident has occurred, and you need answers. Instead of waiting or struggling to remember how to use your software, Aegis Command Center Operators will create a full forensics review of Video Surveillance footage & access control logs and deliver a thorough report.